One of the main small tasks I'm usually asked to do is take over a company's blog posts, usually after a major shift in and organization's goals. Here are a few companies I've done this for:


Karako Suits

In August of 2016 I took over the offical blog of Karako Suits, a New York and New Jersey based mens retailer, transforming their content to emphasize tips an dtricks to make sure you look as stylish as possible. Click on the image on the left to be brought to one of the most viewed blog posts. 


I took over their blog in early October, turning it from an outlet that mainly discussed different ailments medical marijuana can help with, to also discussing many of the legal issues surrounding the drug. Click on the picture to the right to take a look at one of our most viewed blog posts. 

RJG Financial Services

After doing a website redesign, I was hired to start building out the company's new blog initiative. As a financial advisement center that mainly helps people with retirement through educational seminars and one-on-one counseling, each blog post has to tackle a different retirement problem the elderly can face. Clicking on the picture to the left to visit one of the first blogs of this redesign