Article Highlights

Article Highlights


I've written articles for a wide variety of sites and publications. Here are just a couple I've pulled out that I'm particularly proud of, everything from comedy to horror and in-between. 


Comedy Article: 6 Insane Ways Going Green Can Backfire

Full Article: 6 Insane Ways Going Green Can Backfire | 2012

Summary: Write a funny yet informative article on some strange ways people going green without adequate preparation has backfired.

Results: Received over 900,000 views.

Advertorial: Dark House Movie Preview

Downloadable PDF: Dark House Movie Preview

Fangoria Magazine | 2010

Project Summary:  Write a preview/feature of the horror film "Dark House." The catch was that Fangoria owned the movie (as one of eight films in their FangoriaFrightfest), and therefore needed people to see it. Even though I thought the movie sucked, you'd never be able to tell thanks to this subtle, positive preview. 

Results: Fans were given the option to vote on which of the 8 movies would get a small theatrical release. "Dark House" won.


Opinion: When Does Violence Go Too Far?

Full Article: How Far is Too Far? When Disturbing Violence Becomes Exploitative | 2010

Summary: After watching an incredibly graphic horror movie, I wrote an article questioning where the line was for how far a director can go when it comes to shocking an audience. 

Interview/Preview: "Pig Hunt" 

Full Article: Pig Hunt: Travis Aaron Wade's Boar War | 2011

Summary: An interview with the main actor in the indie horror flick "Pig Hunt".