Selling a Dream Home: Ciara Cabinet Designs

Selling a Dream Home

Ciara Cabinet Designs

Project Overview

Ciara Cabinet Designs needed an overhaul of their digital marketing copy. Their last copywriter had been writing copy with "do-it-yourself" customers in mind. However, their customer base is much wealthier than that, and can generally spend a minimum of 25,000 on renovations. 

So the goal was two-fold: 1. Craft a new "voice" for their digital marketing initiatives (banner ads, facebook ads, email marketing, etc). and 2. Drive more people into setting up 15 minute consultations with their designers. The funnel would be an initial ad (banner, facebook, pop-up) that would lead to a drip email campaign to encourage a 15 minute conversation. 

The above image was one of the first pieces of copy I did with their designer, and it laid the foundation for the rest of the materials. 

1.Banner Ads

The first order of business was to work with the designer to create banner ads that emphasized upscale luxury. In particular, ads that targeted people in need of a bathroom or kitchen renovation, which is the company's specialty.  After some back and forth concepts, here are some of the banner ads that were picked. 

Bathroom Ads

Kitchen Ads

kitchen 3 728x90.jpg

General Banner Ads

2. Facebook Ads

Additionally, the company wanted a series of Facebook ads to run with a similar style of messaging. For these I elaborated on some of the bite-sized concepts for the banner ads. To the right are a couple of the finished ads that ran.

Click on the image to view a larger version of any ad. 

3. Website Pop-Ups

Next I had to create a few different pop-ups to appear on their website after people were visiting, each with the goal of trying to get people to sign up for their email newsletter. Most of these were pretty simple, though some were tailored to different pages depending on what people were viewing.

4. Email Marketing

I was asked to write a small drip email campaign that would  encourage newsletter subscribers to make a 15 minute consultation with the business owner or one of her designers. It was a series of 5 emails, and below is the text to one of them.


Within a month, the amount of people calling for a consultation was up 36%, and I've been asked to continue to help tweak their messaging to attract more consultations.