Playwriting: The Magic Jukebox Vol 1

The Magic Jukebox, Vol 1

In musical theatre, a character bursts into song because they feel so passionately about what they have to say that merely speaking the words is just not enough. That said, if I could sing this review to you I would. That’s how passionately I loved this hilarious musical sketch comedy show from The Serious Theatre Collective. It is a tight, polished show with an outstanding ensemble.

Sketch Comedy: The Magic JukeBox: STC's Musical Sketch Show for Lovers and Platonic Friends Vol 1. 

Serious Theatre Collective | 2014

Summary: A musical sketch comedy show of 18 interwoven stories, all centered around a magic jukebox that can play any song you can dream of. Put on for free at the South Street Seaport thanks to a large sponsorship from the Howard Hughes Corporation.

Co-wrote the script, and was in charge both of social media marketing, as well as onsite partnerships with other venues. (Read more about it on my resume).