Sansaire Delta: Make Perfect Cooking Even Easier

Firing Up an Audience's Appetite

Project Overview

I was hired by the Crowdfund Mafia to help in their copywriting/pr efforts. They work with Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to ensure they receive the funding they need by creating compelling page copy and design, getting them PR ,and doing other marketing tactics to reach their funding goals. While I worked on multiple successful projects for them, I wanted to highlight the Sansaire Delta in particular. 

Step 1: Page Copy

The Sansire Delta was a Sous Vide Cooker for amateur cooks. A sous-vide cooker works by heating a pot of water to an incredibly precise temperature, allowing you to to cook food perfectly every time in a way that you can't by simple using a burner.

The copy had to be both upscale (in that it's a luxury product) but also accessible enough to appeal to the average cook who just wants to be able to create tastier meals faster. We also needed to explain effectively how it worked, so we decided to walk a potential donor through the process of cooking several different meals.  In the end, I'm very happy with the page copy.

Click here to read the page. 

Step 2: PR for the Project

Then we did multiple press releases and pitches to media outlets, which got us multiple high profile hits in several online outlets--The Verge, Forbes, TechTimes, and several others.

I've included several of the hits on the side. Click on the center to go through to the actual articles, click on the directional buttons to flip between them. 


The project secured over 250,000 dollars worth of funding, 150,000 over it's goal. Go here to see the final updates.