FireFighting at Civic Hall Labs

Firefighting at Civic Hall Labs

Civic Hall Labs

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Project Overview

Civic Hall Labs was having a rough summer. They're an organization that creates tech for the public good (and helps others do the same), and because of their structure, they have multiple programs and partnerships going on at a time. These programs can be anything from providing pro-bono tech help to local NYC nonprofits, or partnering with city government on large-scale projects like overhauling social services data.

And in the summer of 2017, only two weeks after I was hired to improve their communications channels, they had two major marketing fires happen at the same time. 

The first was how after 6 months of diminishing page views, they were dangerously close to missing an important metric to one of their funders--one that would mean losing a high six-figure grant of operating money. 

The second was how an entrepreneurship program, slated to start in a little over a month (and which funding was dependent on doing), currently had no one applying to be in it due to a lack of advertising.

Each of these posed major problems. Click on the images below to see how I helped solve them.