Copywriting For Cannabis:

Copywriting for Cannabis was growing in size in the medical cannabis space, and they wanted to start monetizing their site. In order to do that, they needed to create an attractive package of tools and copy that would encourage people to advertise on their site. Here are pieces I created in order to help them do this. 

1. Media Kit

The first order of business was creating an attractive media kit that contained all of their advertising options.  I worked with their designer to create the whole package, and we did several drafts before settling on a look the client liked. Click on the image below to view the whole kit.

2. Adistry Pages

Adistry is a platform designed specifically for advertisers in the medical marijuana industry where you can promote the types of marketing opportunities you allow on your website/company. A surprising amount of marketing deals happen through it, and I was asked to rewrite the copy on their adistriy pages to make their services sound more appealing/eye-catching.

Click on the image below to be taken to the adistry page, and you can click around to view the different copy. 

3. General Copy/Drip Emails

The next step was to alter the copy on the website regarding advertising, as well as create some drip emails to their constituents to encourage them enroll in the advertising program. Here are a few snapshots of web copy or drip emails that I worked on them. Click on them for a larger version. 


I rarely post a project before it's finished, but in this case I am as I'm proud of my work so far. I've been hired to do additional copywriting on the site, as well as take over their blogs ( which you can read more about here).  After that part of the campaign is done, I will update this with how the changes helped.