Web Content

Web Content

One of the jobs I typically do for companies is writing their web content, either for a brand new website they want to launch, or a re-design of an old one. Several of my "Big Projects" have this work as a component, but I wanted to highlight a few recent examples where my focus was on turning around solid web copy. 

1. SoundFloat

The SoundFloat was a new product created by SPIKA INTL. It's a state-of-the-art pool float that is embedded with wifi, allowing users to do everything from use it as a sound system at a party, or chill in the pool and watch Netflix from their devices.

To help with their launch, they needed some fun, lighthearted copy on their website that also explained many of it's unique selling features. I took a few screenshots that you can see to the right, but click here to take a look at the full site. A lot of the copy wound up being used by news outlets covering the launch of the product, and you can read some of the articles at the bottom of the page. 



2. McGrain Land Services

McGrain had an old, dramatically outdated website for their clientele ( you can see some of the images of their old website to the left). They not only needed a complete re-design, but they wanted completely different copy that was more "upscale" in nature, with the hopes of landing clients with a bigger budget. 

This project was turned around in less than a week, and luckily the designer I worked with was great. We managed to update the look and improve the copy, while cutting down on the actual amount of pages and words.

And while results are early, they have already seen a boost in the amount of clients they're getting per month. 

Click here to view the new website. 



BRÜMATE is a relatively young company that was in need of a new website as they moved from fledgling start-up to a 5-year-old small business.

As a company, they aim to enhance your drinking experiences, selling everything from a Winesulator that keeps your wine chilled for more than 24 hours outside of a fridge, to Aerators that can improve the taste of your favorite red or white.

I was brought in as the copywriter through an agency, with the goal of aging up their current copy—which now read too “immature”—while keeping a fun overall vibe. For an idea of their old site, take a look at the images on the right.

This was by far the largest site redesign I’ve worked on, involving complete rewrites ( and pages of new additions) to both the consumer AND wholesaler site, as well as complete rewrites to ALL product descriptions. Additionally, I was brought on under crunch (the previous copywriter had bailed) and only had a week to turn in the copy.

I made the deadline, creating copy that was more adult but still fun and playful. And the re-design resonated with customers—in the first month, conversions were up by 37%!.

You can view the new site here.